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MathStudio is an open source program and thus you can download it for free, if you accept the GPL license. The license specifies that you can copy, modify and redistribute the program but you have to respect the copyright of the authors.

Click one of the following links to reach Sourceforge.net download page. Then, choose one of the mirror and the download should begin immediately.

NOTE: if you want to try out the program, you should download just the binaries (and you're in the right place for this) but if you are a programmer and you want to download the sources, the technical documentation or the binaries of the libraries, then you should use the links in the Sources downloads page.

NOTE #2: this page links only the latest available release; if you need for some reason a previous version, then you should go at in the Sourceforge.net MathStudio download page.

NOTE #3: since 6/2/2005, together with MathStudio the following packages contain also another console-based program (directly built upon MathCore); it is a test program which nonetheless can be very useful to test those math features which are not linked yet to the GUI of MathStudio.

Win32 binaries of MathStudio version 0.7.2

MathStudio version 0.7.2 for all win32 versions: Win95, Win98, WinNT, WinME, Win2K, WinXP and WinXP Media Center.


After the download, double click on the file to run it and follow on-screen instructions.

Linux binaries of MathStudio version 0.7.2

MathStudio version 0.7.2 packaged for some main distro: if you want to install MathStudio on a Linux-based OS which is not listed here, then you should download the sources and compile them manually.

mathcore-0.7.2-1.i386.rpm mathgui-0.7.2-1.i386.rpm mathstudio-0.7.2-1.i386.rpm

After the download, install the RPMs with a command like "rpm -iv mathstudio-0.7.2-1.i386.rpm".

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