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Here you are some screenshots of MathStudio version 0.6. Remember that MathStudio is still incomplete: a lot of things must be added.

MathStudio on a Windows XP machine

MathStudio on a Linux machine

This is MathStudio running on a Windows XP system:

MathStudio on Win32

Now MathStudio allows you to enter greek symbols with an handy toolbar (in the picture I wrote the word 'MathStudio' in greek) !!!

MathStudio on Win32

With MathStudio you can now export your data as XHTML and XML documents containing MathML with just few clicks...

MathStudio on Win32

... and then you can view the data with your favourite browser !!!

Of course, you can do the basic math operations (in future a wider range of math functions will be supported !!!!):

MathStudio on Linux

These image have been captured on a Linux Red Hat 9.0 system:

Sorry, I haven't updated this section yet....

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