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Welcome to the home page of


Just a small note about this site: since we provide both a free program targeting end users and libraries targeting programmers, we divided the site in two sections: the "User links", containing info & links regarding MathStudio, and the "Developer links", containing info regarding MathCore and MathGUI libraries. If you are interested only to the program, then you can ignore all the "Developer links".

Finally, if you don't know what MathStudio project is, then you should start reading the "What & Why" page...

Happy browsing !



Unfortunately the studies and the exams are taking me a great amount of time; so, the project is currently frozen. Before continuing the work on MathStudio (note it's frozen, not dead) I want to complete the wxGlPlot project first, in order to create a nice and easy-to-use scientific plotter to later integrate in MathStudio.


The website has not been updated for a while, but the sources have undergone a long and deep process of revision, bug-fixing and restructuring. The version log have been updated with new realistic dates. Both the libraries, MathCore and MathGUI, and the program, MathStudio, are now using the standard X.Y.Z version format and an advanced build system based on Bakefile. The new, completely revised version is MathStudio 0.7.2 which you can download here; starting with this version, a new program, TEST1, will be distributed together with MathStudio: it is the test program of MathCore and it does not use any GUI. It's a console program but nevertheless it can be useful to test all the features of the math system (and to time them), since not all of them are still accessible from the GUI of MathStudio.
Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the new version and the math system which has been powered with a lot of new functions.


Finally we released version 0.6 of MathStudio: sorry for the delay respect to the planned date (6-9-2003) but we had a lot to do and few time to do it... However, with this new version there a LOT of changes: almost all the code has been rewritten and the design of the program, in particular, has been re-structured: now the program is based on two libraries, MathCore and MathGUI, which are part of the module. Even if a lot has been done, many commands are still missing an implementation... we are working hard on version 0.7... :-)
Happy Christmas !!!!


The site of MathStudio has been restyled once again; now I am satisfied enough by this look and I hope I won't have to change it again. Also the documentation has been reviewed and I created a lot of new pages & services: everything is ready for release 0.6 !!


The first release of MathStudio has been released !! You can find here the 0.5 version of MathStudio ready to be downloaded both in Win32 and in Linux versions. You can choose to download the binaries or the sources or both. Please drop an email to the administrator if you like the first version of MathStudio.


The site of MathStudio (this site !!!) has been updated; next changes will be made when the first release version will be completed.


MathStudio has been totally converted to a wxWindows compatible application; thus it's now a 100% cross-platform program; project files for compilation with various compilers are coming soon.

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