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How to join in the development team

MathStudio is a cross-platform project developed in C++, built on wxWindows library.
If you are a developer, you know C++ language, you are interested in the project and you have at least 4-5 hours/week to work on the project, you are welcome.

If you are not a programmer but you still want to join the project, you can help in different ways: writing documentation, translating MathStudio in a new language, managing this website, or advertising the project (maybe just linking MathStudio homepage in your website)...

MathStudio is a math program but it's not required to be a mathematician; if you wish to help and you are keen on math, we will be happy to work with you; the only very important prerequisite is time: a lot of people ask to join the project and then never gets involved.
We are all working on the project for free: if you join the project but you don't have time enough to work on it, then you will just waste administrator's time which would be otherwise used to fix and extend the program.

If you still are sure you will work on the project, then just send an email to the administrator of the project, Francesco Montorsi describing your skills. The administrator will contact you giving further info...

Thank you very much !!!

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